Building your customer base on a budget

Being frivolous does not make a successful online business, as many companies have discovered. Rather, careful targeting, tracking and testing will help you achieve a good return on your online marketing investment. Low-cost ways to boost your company’s visibility! Visit this page¬† As a small business you are unlikely to have the resources that […]


Help For Local Businesses

What Help is there for Local Businesses in Sunderland? Free Tutorials To Help You Succeed Online Call Today 07949185514! Starting a business is not to be considered lightly. There is risk of course. A key element keeping control of the risk and then comes success and comes in some part from being able to more […]


Business Advice

Selling for small business & new business start ups Did you know: Sunderland has been voted in the top three places in England to start up a business! Find customers Before you gain customers who want to buy your products or services they have to find you or you have to find them! See here […]


Sunderland Football club

Sunderland Football club are a recognised premier league club and have been in the premier league since the 2007/2008 season. Why are they called the black cats? In early 1805, the battery was manned by local militia, the Sunderland Loyal Volunteers, one of whom was a cooper by trade called¬†Joshua Dunn. He was said to […]


The history of Sunderland

Where it all began! Sunderland is at the centre of the City of Sunderland metropolitan borough, in Tyne and Wear, North East England. It is situated at the mouth of the River Wear. Historically in the county Durham, there were three amazing original settlements on the site of modern-day Sunderland. Over the centuries, Sunderland grew […]