Building your customer base on a budget


Being frivolous does not make a successful online business, as many companies have discovered.

Rather, careful targeting, tracking and testing will help you achieve a good return on your online marketing investment.

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As a small business you are unlikely to have the resources that had. That online business blew £94.5m of venture capitalists’ money inside two years (including £450,000 on promotional giveaways, £420,000 in PR fees and £29.5m on ads).

Conversely,  the 300,000 small businesses rooted in Sunderland have to make a very little go an awful long way.

Fortunately, with a bit of cunning and savvy, small businesses can use a range of online marketing tools to bring plenty of custom knocking at their virtual doors. Find out more 

These tools can be divided into two broad categories:

Customer acquisition tools- which help you win the hearts of new customers

Customer retention tools- which help you keep existing customers coming back for more.


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