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Did you know: Sunderland has been voted in the top three places in England to start up a business!

Find customers

Before you gain customers who want to buy your products or services they have to find you or you have to find them!

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Once you have determined the profile of your best/most profitable customers, use a wide variety of methods to raise awareness of your service.

Its important to get your company name out there, your marketing techniques and publicity should help people to find you, but networking, directories, newspapers, mailing lists, and the internet can all be used to compile your own list of potential clients.

Choose your brand carefully

When you are trying to work out your brand, draw down on a piece of paper on your own experiences and personality to make the designs reflect aspects of yourself.

E.g in the fashion industry When making your clothing line for smart clothing for example: dresses making them unique and using great quality materials is highly important, before you send out your idea try making a item of clothing so you know exactly how you want it to look and it could even maybe show you how it shouldn’t look. Visit this site 

Look after them

Do not take your existing customers for granted!

Doing the best job that you can is huge thing which shows your customers that you really care  it’s the best way of retaining business but the more you show that you care about their needs, the longer they will stay with you.

Try to keep in regular contact and occasionally try to surprise them with either a thank you letter, a small present or friendly telephone call.

Keep them

If you are always spending your time finding new customers it will be very hard to build a stable and expanding relationship with your customers, although a few trades do rely on one off sales only.

A client based company is something you should be its a foundation upon which to build.



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