Sunderland Football club


Sunderland Football club are a recognised premier league club and have been in the premier league since the 2007/2008 season.

Why are they called the black cats?

In early 1805, the battery was manned by local militia, the Sunderland Loyal Volunteers, one of whom was a cooper by trade called Joshua Dunn.

He was said to have “ran away  from a  black cat due to the cats howling, convinced by the influence of the full moon and a warming dram or two that it was the devil incarnate.

What trophies have they won? 

Sunderland FC have won the second tier of English football  “The Championship” six times, also,the FA Cup twice, and the Charity Shield three times

They have been runners-up in the  Championship five times, in the FA Cup twice and what is now known to be the English League Cup twice.

 Who’s the owner of the club?

Ellis Short is a  Irish-American businessman who is based in London and is the owner of Kildare Partners, a private equity fund investing in distressed European real estate assets.

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