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Sunderland LGBT- Network as part of UKPON signed the statement below, and ask that everyone follows the guidelines in the letter below.

UKPON Statement (Charity Commissions decision on LGB Alliance) 

Following the Charity Commission's confirmation on Tuesday (20th April) that it has approved the LGB Alliance charity registration. We must share today, as we have and will always share publicly that members of the UK Pride Organisers Network implicitly support the entire LGBT+ community.

Our members, volunteers & communities are today particularly supporting our transgender and + siblings, due to the dismay & hurt this registration has caused the entire community. 
          “LGB Alliance is seen as a political campaign organisation with their main aim to remove trans people from our LGBT+ community and block trans rights.

 LGB Alliance has campaigned against the Gender Recognition Act and called for the equality act to be reviewed around ‘same-sex’ rights. There is substantial evidence across social media platforms of their views towards the trans community.” (Pride in London’s statement 21st April 2021). 

In solidarity with other UKPON member Pride statements on the decision. The members of UKPON, are calling upon the Charity Commission to reverse their decision to award the organisation its charity status. We know the LGB Alliance does not promote equality, diversity, and human rights as stipulated in the purposes of the organisation.

 We therefore encourage the LGBT+ community to follow Pride in London’s initiatives: 

Member Prides encourage the LGBT+ community to: 
 • Email and use your Social Media to contact your local MPs to ensure they are aware of your views and concerns. 
 • Using your Social Media to contact the Charity Commission about your views and concerns.
 • Raise a formal concern with the Charity Commission by using their online form. 
• Join our signature list which will be added to the formal concern

Website: Correspondence Address: 10 Cwrt Llwynog, Cwmrhdyceirw, Swansea, SA6 6TW Email: Page 2 of 2 Thursday 29 th April 2021

 In addition Member Pride’s will: 

• Ask their volunteers and partners to speak out and raise their voice and concerns about the Charity Commission decision.
 • Contact local Members of Parliament and the Charity Commission. 
• Speak to the European Pride Organisers Network and Inter Pride which many of our members are members of.

 Our member Prides have always stood with the trans communities, and always will. We will continue our ongoing fight for visibility, unity and equality for all.

                                                                  Trans rights are human rights,   Together as one. 

Jenny Dewsnap & Lee Bowditch CO-Chairs, 

Signed on behalf of the following UKPON members, affiliate members and supporting organisations: 

Banbury Pride                                              Basildon Pride                                                                  Bristol Pride                                                    Chester Pride                                                            Cornwall Pride                                             Coventry Pride                                                                 Derby Pride                                                     Doncaster Pride                                                      Drag Queen Story Hour                            Exmouth Pride                                                                 Great Yarmouth & Waveney Pride         Gravesham Pride                                                    High Wycombe Pride                                 Highland Pride                                                                 Inter Pride                                                       Keighley Pride                                                      Kent Pride                                                      Lancaster Pride                                                               uk London Winter Pride                             LCR Pride Foundation                                    LGB&T Out in the Bay                              Lincoln Pride LonGBoaT ,                                             Wakefield Morecambe pride                     MyUmbrella LGBT+ Newbury Pride        Northern Pride                                             Norwich Pride                                                                  Oban Pride                                                      Oldham Pride                                                  Oxford Pride                                                  Perthshire Pride                                                             Portsmouth Pride                                         Pride In Gloucestershire                                  Pride in Surrey                                             Pride Radio                                                                        Reading Pride                                                Rotherham Pride                                          Salford Pride                                                 Southampton Pride                                                        Southend Pride                                             Sunderland Pride                                                    Swindon & Wiltshire Pride                     Trans Prid Brighton                                                        Trans Pride NI                                               Warwickshire Pride 
Weston-Super-Mare Pride                       Witney Pride                                                                     Wolds Pride  

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